Silver Keys Media is based in Vancouver, WA which gives us the pleasure to work with clients all over the great Northwest…and beyond.

We are the culmination of creative direction, marketing strategy, video production, dynamic photography, and intentional storytelling. Silver Keys Media strives to help businesses, non-profits and organizations unlock their story, develop a strong marketing message and create ways to tell that story in a dynamic, concise and intentional way that will create a community of followers.

Owner and Creative Director, Amanda Goff, has a passion to help people tell their story visually and brings to the table creative experience in film, theater and marketing.

Amanda Goff...quirky and complex
Hi, I am Amanda Goff, owner of Silver Keys Media. I am often asked where the name originated and it really is inspired from my childhood. While growing up in California, my grandmother had a frame in her parlor that contained a collection of antique keys. I would spend many afternoons staring at those keys and wondering what they unlocked and what magical adventure they may lead to. That magic has stayed with me…We all have stories, sometimes it just takes the right key to unlock it and set it free to be shared with others.



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